Zwemschool de Drijver

Sing up for swimming lessons!

Swimming lessons in small groups or private, 7 days a week

Working at self-confidence and overall fitness

Your child will have the opportunity to practice what is learned in such a way that your child gains success experiences (level of control). When your child is ready, it will be offered a higher level or something new.

Zwemschool De Drijver video

Great environment

The swimming pools we use for our swimming lessons have another appearance compared to large pools. A swimming teacher teaches not only on the edge of a pool but also in the water, giving the children an extra feeling of safety. Swimming teachers divide their attention over a small number of children, offering a comfortable ambiance with a calm atmosphere and also super child friendly. We teach swimming lessons in 32 degrees Celsius heated pools. You can register your child starting from the age of 4.